• EXLAS Smart(Tabletop)
  • The low cost, fast speed mini laser for office, hobbyists use... Small but intelligent, Smart 3040 with 40w/60w glass tube (Synard 30w metal tube for option)/Autofocus laser head. Aluminum motorized table (80mm range)/Honey comb table (option). This laser is designed for the average person to be up and running in a very short time period with little knowledge required. It uses our new control system-LaserEXZY.
  • Machine Description Smart 3040 Smart 3050
    Working Range(mm) 300*400 300*500
  • Our powerful industrial controls implement the YKMC1204 Stand-Alone motion control card. It’s aimed to EXLAS series laser.DSP off-line control and it‘s available to control several sets machines by single PC.
  • Easy-going LCD Control Panel allows the user to quickly change selected program and modify machine operational conditions. Key switch and the emergency Stop button provide a safer operating environment.
  • Stable Stepper driving mode Compact control box with professional wiring, heat-removal system and anti-interference measures.
  • Belt transmission and Hiwin rails guides with dust cover. 80mm motorized up-down table that provides enough space for thicker materials.
  • Reliable Chinese-made EFR small power laser tube, 40W or 60W, with smaller focusing spot, ensure fine engraving effect.
  • S.S. working table with uniform vents for vacuum holding down of work piece steady and easy-going auto focus laser head with air assist to dissipate any fumes and heat.