• 4 Axis CNC Router
  • The most unique characteristics of this machine is the additional function of B axis that can rotate ±100°, it is not only a normal three axis Router, but also a good engraver for organic surfaces on 3d jobs. XYZ provides light or heavy duty frame structures custom built for clients to choose from based on their different requirements of materials to be processed such as EPS foam, wood, MDF, stone, soft non ferrous metals, and much more.
  • Machine Description XYZ4-1325 XYZ4-1530 XYZ4-2030
    Working Range(mm) 1300*2500 1500*3000 2000*3000
  • Our heavy duty structures, offer more than a 30mm thick one-piece steel base, and 12mm thick welded tubular steel frames. The machine main parts are further processed to offer more stability and durability after our vibratory Stress Relief (VSR) treatment process.
  • Unique structure of B Axis ,we incorporate factory original Italian HSD spindles (normal or ATC), servo driving and professional reduction gear to realize the ±100°rotation, specially for arc-surface milling, bend surface machining,3D jobs.